Fundamentals of Ensuring Good Health For Your Dog

July 27th, 2014
by admin

best-healthy-dog-food-brands.jpg Good dog owners want to clinch the health and longevity like their dogs. You want your dog to indiging happy and healthy. You can keep him on the lane to wellness by following these guidelines.

Provide Regular Veterinary Care

The foundation for your dog’s overall health is regular, high-quality vet care. Routine exams should be performed on a bi-annual basis. If you have a dog or a senior dog, he should subsist seen even more often than twice per year. On Condition That your dog suffers from any chronic restorative circumstances or has special needs it’s important that you follow your vet’s instructions.

It’s also important to recognize that your dog ages at a much faster rate than humans. This means that it’s possible for him to develop many subtle changes over a period of just a few months. Routine exams secure that any changes can verbreken closely monitored before your dog’s health begins to suffer.

Provide Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is a fundamental element of keeping your pup healthy. Your dog’s weight, energy level, pare and coat as well as gastrointestinal functioning are all directly affected by his diet. A problem in each of these areas container often be attributed to improper diet. Choose dog food that is made by a reputable company and contains high-quality ingredients. Homemade diets can also provide firstrate nutrition. Once you decide on the right food for your dog, dine it to him consistently. Over a 4 to 8 week period, mind how your dog responds to the diet. His coat should exist shiny and flake-free, but nought greasy. He should have a high level of energy.

Keep an eye on your dog’s weight. Any powerful increase or decrease is cause for concern. Obesity in dogs is a comparatively heathenize problem, but a proper diet combined with plenty of exercise receptacle often reverse it. If your dog begins to lose weight, he may not find the new food palatable. It’s measure to look into trying other foods if this occurs. Be sure to change your dog’s food gradually whereas a sudden change may cause gastrointestinal upset.

Adequate Exercise

A dog’s health-exercise relationship is underestimated all too often. Dogs are sometimes diagnosed along separation anxiety or other behavioral problems. These conditions do exist, but frequently the behavior is actually caused by a surplus of energy. If your dog is actuality fed a healthy diet, he should have plenty of energy. Provided he can’t find another suitable outlet, your dog may release his resolute on your carpet, furniture or other household items. In general, he requires at least 1 to 2 hours regarding exercise each day. This amount varies by age, size and breed. Take some time to establish a routine based on the pip exercise regimen for your dog.

Mouth Care

Serious health problems can finish from plaque and tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth. Focus on providing nutritious dental care before dental disease has a chance to set-in. There are many ways to care for your dog’s oral health. Provide dental treats, use declamation rinses and brush his teeth on a regular basis. Be sure to talk to your vet as well, she may submit a professional cleaning from stretch to time.


“Fancy” dogs are not the only ones that need proper grooming. While your dog’s grooming needs are, for the most part, based on his breed, there may be special considerations payable to health conditions or allergies. A monthly bath, brushing and nail trim will be of benefit to most short-haired dogs. Long-haired dogs require a periodic brushing. For dogs that have continuously growing hair, a haircut may be needed every 1 to 2 weeks. Your dog’s grooming needs can be provided by a adept or yourself, just be sure to defend a regular grooming schedule.

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Senior Dog Health Issues

July 26th, 2014
by admin

0.jpg Although older dogs tin be a joy to be around, they much begin having great health issues as they age. We’ve had a number of dogs who live to be 16 and 17 years regarding age. By that time, the dogs are frequently suffering severely from arthritis, loss of hearing, decreases in eyesight, and probably numerous other afflictions and issues. Although there is not much stopping some of these conditions from occurring and progressing in your canine, taking her or him to the veterinarian on a regular basis can greatly offset some of the effects of these diseases and conditions.

In several of her older dogs their hearing was all save gone in the last several years of their life. Sole of our dogs had an extensive vocabulary to understood sic much of what we were saying thoroughly the time that it became necessary for us to spell the words public just spil if the dog was a child. We cannot say the maxim walk were remove without the dog becoming extremely adrenaline and running back and forth to the door. But when her hearing left, the problem became less et cetera less. But similar she was unable to hear us, we missed being able to impart with her. It seemed a natural progression, but approaching the way she actually learned our own version like sign language. She was an extremely intelligent dog et al could actually pick up our hand movements and learn what we were wanting her to do simply by vocalizing it via our sign language. It was quite interesting to watch this.

Another problem older dogs have is gaining weight. Just as with people, this is a serious issue in canines. If there are any arthritic symptoms at all, the extra weight that the bones have to support simply rankle the arthritic conditions in the animal. It’s far better if the dog is slightly on the thin side versus slightly overweight. Not only are they far healthier and cardiovascular ways, their joints do not suffer from the added stress et al strain that is caused by the added weight.

Arthritis in dogs can be quite moving in overweight canines. And since there is no cure for this wrist disease, it will only become worse with age. Tolerably increased senior also brings along increased dram for the animal, this is like a about-face whammy and simply hurts the cur more. It may be difficult but your older canine on a diet, but reward it is for him or her that you are doing it for. In fact, staying on the thin side, may actually hand your pet a twelvemonth or two longer of a healthy happy life. Extra drawback to being overweight is that their activity level decreases. And of course, just like in people, although the activity decreases, other hardships can set in besides typically do.

Another thing to reward about older dogs is that they usually do not require the same vaccinations on a yearly basis. Ask your veterinarian about this, except in most cases he will skip most of the perennial vaccinations and build them every other year. This is because some of the medicines in the vaccinations can be harder on older dogs and they probably already have a good immunity to the virus anyway after so many years of vaccinations. But over make sure to ask your veterinarian about this and whether or not it is required for your particular dog.

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Dog Joint Health Facts and Tips For Pet Owners

July 25th, 2014
by admin

dog-running-tennis-ball-mdn.jpg One of the dismal facts of life for all dog owners is that almost every canine will develop arthritis to some writ as they get older. Dog joint disease is an extremely common problem in all breeds of dogs. Although large dogs suffer from this disease to a greater reach than do smaller breed dogs, it is an rack that virtually all canines have somewhat in their later years.

One of the most important things to understand about arthritis and dog joint health in general is that the weight of the animal has a tremendous impact on how severe the symptoms will be from the disease. Heavier dogs, whether that extra weight comes from the fact they are a big breed dog, or for reasons that they are simply overweight, languishment greatly as the diseased joints are put under greater stress outstanding to the added weight.

Therefore, all pet owners must understand they keeping their animals fit and trim is one of their greatest responsibilities with respect to ensuring protocol joint health in their animals. Just therefore with people, it becomes more further more difficult to keep the extra weight off of animals as they age. However, it simply a matter of feeding the dog less as they get older. Senior dogs have a lower metabolism then they did when they were younger. Therefore, it involves less food to maintain the same foundation weight. It may breathe difficult to put your older dog on a diet, but it’s extremely vital to understand the health impact the extra weight has on him or her.

Another extremely important activity pet owners can do to alleviate some of the symptoms and pain from joint arthritis is giving their animal proper amounts regarding exercise. If indeed little exercise is provided, then the muscles become weak and allow the joints to become unstable. This causes the animal straighten more excruciating due to the arthritis disease lining the joints. When the proper amount of exercise is provided to dogs, their muscles respond well to provide support to the joints. This keeps them from moving in ways they should not and thus minimizes the pain and impact of joint arthritis.

Lastly, most veterinarians nowadays suggest giving dogs with osteoarthritis a supplement product called liquid glucosamine. This product does not simply mask or hide the pain as do its formula counterparts. Instead, the supervenient actually asked to rebuild and regenerate the damaged tissue with in the joints that the arthritis in fact causes. This rebuilding process can take anywhere from a few weeks to individual months rather benefits are seen in the animal. It’s very important that past the supplementation process using melted glucosamine begins, that pet owners perpetual the process at least for three months to ensure the supplement has enough time to aid the body in rebuilding the damaged tissues.

These guidelines should help hug owners in ensuring proper joint health in their dogs as they develop osteoarthritis in their later years of life.

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Common Dog Health Problems and Their Treatments

July 24th, 2014
by admin

Most-Popular-Dog-Breeds-22.jpg Equally pooch owner is insight of informal health problems that come raise when owning a dog. Sometimes it is something that you can easily treat yourself but other times it requires a veterinarian’s intervention.


One regarding the most popular problems in both puppies and dogs is diarrhea. Many times, it is something you did to cause the problem, such being switching dog foods too quickly, which jug cause digestive upset. Other times, it may be the dog was outside et cetera ate something he should not have. Dogs are scavengers by quality polysyndeton shepherd to eat myriad things they should not. Puppies are especially apt to diarrhea. If you have recently changed pup foods and this is when the problem began, switch back to the old food.
Additionally, you can purchase a can of pumpkin at a grocery store and add a teaspoon to the dog’s food. This is a common way to catholicon both constipation and diarrhea in dogs and puppies and they love the taste.

Excessive Scratching with No Fleas

If your dog begins scratching and rubbing his ears on the carpet or furniture, but has no fleas after thoroughly checking, it could be a food allergy or intolerance. Some dogs are very sensitive to grains; therefore, you might try a small bag of grain-free caninity food and switch your dog very slowly to the grain-free variety. Other dogs are allergic to common meats such as chicken and beef. Therefore, it can be beneficial to find an dilemma meat source such as duck, lamb, or venison.

Canine Diabetes

Unfortunately, canine diabetes is more banal than most people think. Early signs of diabetes include excessive water intake, lethargy, inordinate urination, and they can develop cataracts. You will need to attach your dog to the veterinarian in disposition to be screened for diabetes. Dogs, like people have different severities like diabetes and some can be controlled with food and an oral medication, while other dogs will exigence to be given insulin injections for the rest of their lives.

Canine Obesity

Unfortunately, as many people become more sedentary, so do their dogs, and as a result, the dog eats more, but does mighty little bestow and as a result begins packing on the pounds. Obese dogs have a very good chance of dying at a very young age. It is vital to get the dog some exercise in order to take off some of the weight. Your dog will feel better and live happier and longer if you maintain a healthy weight.

Canine Warts

As the dog ages, his skin begins to change and these changes vessel set off warts on the skin. All warts need to be checked by your veterinarian to mold sure it is not cancerous. Most are harmless and tin be removed with a laser treatment. Warts that are quick to grow are more likely to be cancerous than those that are slow growing are.

Final Thoughts

There are many conjoint canine health problems and many of them are gentleness and can be treated at home while others require medical attention.

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Natural Dog Health Products

July 23rd, 2014
by admin

Most veterinary medicines available today offer only fast track fleeting cures while pumping harmful chemicals inside the body of your beloved pets causing a series of side effects and long locution permanency damages in their body. The hazards of using dog medicines are spil same as the hazards associated with medicines prescribed for humans. There is a growing awareness among chow owners regarding natural dog medicines that do not have any side effects.

Most cases of allergies in dogs are treated with steroids which are bound to cause liver and kidney damage in the pine run thereby impinging on the lifespan of your loved ones. While ibuprofen or aspirin are commonly prescribed for joint pains plus arthrities, these drugs are prevalent for causing irreversible damages even in the short run. Repeated usage regarding these drugs can lead to serious health hazards in dogs by impairing the functions of vital organs.

While achieving a good health is a matter of important concern for every dog owner, no pet owner will like to knowingly harm the wellness of their dog in the long run. A good treatment of research is constitutional in this line to bring out several natural dog sprightly products. However, there are a good number of natural dog medicines and products that are prescribed for arthritis, joint pain, itching, fleas, and diabetic conditions in dogs.

Most dog owners are not aware of the places where they can get natural dog medicines. In addition, we hardly see any veterinary doctor prescribing them in place regarding popular chemical based brands. While what is good for your pets is not offered as an option, you need to work a bit more to source out the natural medicines and dog helath products.

Plces like VETiONX market a wide range of natural dog wholesomeness products meeting FDA standards. There are thousands of satisfied customers out there who bear testimony to the effectiveness and doorlopend precarious nature of these products. Most of those using these products report dramatic improvement in their pets’ health besides witnessing almost no side effects. In addition to a wide range of natural dog healthcare products, VETiONX with offers enough many of resources that will help maintain the good health of dogs.

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Dog Dental Health

July 21st, 2014
by admin

123-dog-dental-care-300x300.jpg Dental health for dogs is sometimes overlooked. Dental disease affects increase to 80% like dogs over the age of three. Upright like humans there can be very adverse effects of distressed dog dental health. Some of the ways to ensure that your dog is in good dental health is to regularly brush its teeth, provide it with a healthy diet ampersand many chew toys. By the measure dogs are past their third birthday, they begin to show signs of gum disease f they are not provided including estimable oral care with bad breath human the first tell divination about a problem. The simplest method of keeping track of your dog’s teeth is to check them regularly and be aware of signs that may indicate a problem.

Once a week with the dog facing you, inspect your dog’s teeth by lifting the lips all around the mouth, look at the show moreover retrocede teeth because closely as you can. A healthy gum should be pink further not red or white and they should not exhibit some signs of swelling. A healthy mouth should also be clean without any brownish tartar. When inspecting the dog’s mouth, you should live very careful to delude being bitten accidentally.

You should also do regular inhalation tests on your dog. Normally a dog’s breath is not so pleasant however, if the vapor is very invasion and is accompanied by loss of appetite, vomiting, excessive drinking and urinating, you should have your trail checked by a veterinary. You should also get a canine brushing kit for regular teeth cleaning. On Condition That you regularly brush your dog’s teeth you can prevent the dog from gingivitis, receding trick and tooth loss. You could ditto use a clean morsel of soft gauze wrapped around your finger for cleaning dog teeth. Your vet should give you toothpaste that is specially formulated for canines. Supposing you do not have the tooth paste, you could use a paste made external of baking soda and water. It is hardly advisable to use fluoride with dogs under the age of 6 moths as it can interfere with their enamel formation. It is also not suggested to function human toothpaste as it can cause irritation in a dog’s stomach.

Starting a dental care routine as early as possible is a sure way to good dog dental health for your dog. Besides ensuring an overall dog dental health, early dental care intention therapeutic the dog to get used to the feeling of having its teeth brushed and checked. To compliment your dog dental hygiene efforts, you should buy your dog a teeth cleaning system treat, toy or bone also dog mouth wash. Some dog treats, bones oppositely chew toys can help in fighting accumulation of tartar, and improving bad health so long thus they are given daily after meals. These items also give vintage exercise for your dog’s jaw. Harbinger trying any mouth wash or tooth paste you should consult your veterinarian. Mouthwash sprays are effective in murder bacteria or even healing damaged gum tissue. Overall you should make undoubting that you stock up with vet exams for professional dental cleaning, and follow all your vet’s recommendations.

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Affordable Dog Health Insurance Polices

July 20th, 2014
by admin

business-dog.png There are many plans nether dog health insurance. For one to fancy the best, he or she is supposed to shop circa so as to get around the right one. There are several assurance companies that offer such programs.

For a person to choose the most reliable one, experts in the field are consulted. Such personnel include lawyers. This staffs have been assisting lots concerning proletarian in making claims. Several coverage methods are available. The first one is accident cover. This will cater for the expenses incurred in case the pet has got a certain calamity. For indoor pets, it is a must. This is because they are more likely to get an injury which may result from natural appliances found in our homes. They might also come in contact with certain chemicals due to their curiosity.

Illness coverage is another policy that can afsluiting applied for. This is mainly recommended for pets that are prone to diseases. They include the ones that are always kept inside the homes. Full coverage can again be bought to deal with all types of misfortunes that might befall the pet.

On the other hand, there is a policy for the young animals. Little ones tin easily be injured by a person, other pets or even natural objects. That is why it is necessary to coup quick care first policy. This will cater for all types of accidents. In addition, it will as well protection two illnesses which are considered to be new. Many persons have considered it for the little toddlers because it is cheap and affordable.

Quick burden senior is another uni that is purchased for elder pets. All sorts of diseases that befall the gerontic pets are dealt with under this program. However, in case from any other misfortune other than infections, the assurance mob can also plank with it.

Another factor to consider is the type of the breed. Pure breeds tend to experience many related health problems than mixed ones. These diseases involve hereditary defects. For such varieties, it is worth to consider comprehensive coverage. An example of a plan that falls under this class is the imperative circumspection program. This one cares for all issues related with destruction regarding bad foods and drugs. Dogs from the age of eight weeks and skyward can be subjected to it.

However, before going for any concerning the programs, it is good to put in consideration whether the animal is involved in active activities such as athletics. There are many plans that cover misfortunes such as concha infections, cuts and endure upsets. For guards, the policy is very important. Any other type of illness testament be covered.

Moreover, for those who live in rental accommodations, there is a different exemption for them. It ensures that all damages caused by the animal are paid. All these policies are offered by many companies at the same or slightly different prices.

Dog health insurance is helpful. It will guard ones pet as well as the owner. Third party liability is covered once the exact company is chosen.

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Tips For Maintaining Proper Health In Your Dog

July 19th, 2014
by admin

Although there are multitudinous aspects of dog health that pet owners must consider, this article will detail two of the most common problems most dogs deal with. Dog dental convalesce and canine arthritis are the two areas we will focus on here.

Highest of all, dental health for dogs is more important than just making sure their teeth appear clean also their breath is fresh. It’s important to understand that poor dental health in dogs container lead to more serious infections that can migrate to the major organs from the body. In fact, it is even possible that portion from these gum based infections can cause death in some canines.

Most vets suggest a regular teeth cleaning for aiding in comprehensive dog heath. This cleaning is called “scaling” besides is done while the animal is under anesthetic. It is normally quite effective when done yearly. However, it is quite costly. In some areas of the rusticate the costs receptacle be over three-hundred dollars for everyone teeth scaling. Also, it is hardly suggested for older dogs or dogs upon former condition problems. The fact that anesthetic is required makes it a dangerous option for older dogs who may have very adverse including sometimes mortal reactions to the drugs. Another defray associated for the scaling are the antibiotics which the pets mold contract after the procedure.

There are all natural dog tooth pastes and sprays which are available and highly persuasive in cleansing dog teeth when used regularly. These shielded products will not only keep the teeth clean when used 3 to 4 times per week, they can also remove heavy tartar build ups when used daily for several months. These products are a much safer loophole for keeping dog teeth clean than is the risky and extravagant method done at the vet’s office.

The next area of dog health that most pet owners must deal with is canine arthritis. This disease is very common and most older dogs will suffer from it to some extent in their golden ager years. There is no smoke for spot osteoarthritis. Full dog owners can do is to try to easy the symptoms of the joint disease.

First and foremost, it is urgent that the pug suffering from arthritis aver a proper weight so that no extra pounds must nvloeden supported by the animals affected joints. Secondly, exercise if very important in helping the animal deal with the dog arthritis disease. The proper amount of exercise ensures that the muscles surrounding the joints are resolute besides living the articulation well. However, too much exercise will simply aggravate the joint disease.

Albeit there are medications that can be prescribed for the joint problem, many from these on the market today have caused severe side effects in many dogs. In the beginning of the disease when the symptoms are not yet severe, dog owners should discuss along their veterinarians using a natural supplement like glucosamine for easing the symptoms of osteoarthritis and promoting dog health. This safe auxiliary does prohibition cover the pain up, it actually acts to rebuild the damaged areas of the joint. In some dogs, regular usage of the product has proven to dramatically reduce the effects of this common disease.

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Oral Health For Canines: Learn How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

July 18th, 2014
by admin

brush-dog-teeth.jpg With your dog’s pate in your lap, hold it’s muzzle. With your other hand stroke it a few times and then lift its upper lip, exposing the teeth. Do this gently a occasional times to get your dog used to this new area being handled. Each time it lets you lift the trick without shaking, give a treat!

Do this repeatedly for the next few days until your dog gets used to your hands being over his squelch and lifting its lip. Next, put a dab of toothpaste on your finger including allow your dog smell and lick it. Then put more on its gums et cetera teeth. Although it’s unlikely, if your dog doesn’t like it try something you know it will like and perdure rubbing it gently on its teeth and gums. Later, once it’s comfortable, switch and use the dog toothpaste.

I really don’t think they will enjoy mint-flavored toothpaste as much, though you can try! Poultry-flavor ere beef seem to be the best. Each time you put a little toothpaste on its teeth and gums reward it with a treat, congress with your regular verbal love-talk! It will learn that this new experience is neither a threat nor painful. Do this for the next less days to uprise it used to the procedure.

With a small piece of the gauze or dental pad, dab on a little bit of toothpaste and gently rub your dog’s gums and teeth. Slow, circular movements will not frighten your dog. Spend judicatory a less seconds doing this to origin with. Praise your dog furthermore give it a treat. Do this for the next few days until you believe your pet is ready for dog teeth cleaning.

Time for cleaning your dog’s teeth: Fill up one side of the toothbrush with the dog’s toothpaste. Get positioned comfortably with your dog’s head on your lap. With one paw hold his muzzle and with your finger gently lift his lip on one side. With a circular motion, gently brush the teeth, going down as far as the gum line. Being your pooch licks off the dog toothpaste dab a little more on the brush and continue where you left off, making sure you get exclusively the way along the side onto the back teeth.

Have a little break, give your stand and do the same on the other side. Don’t hurry, be gentle and loving. Dogs are creatures of habit like us, and daily dog teeth cleaning would be a very good thing. Managing this all day will be a delightful habit to start. You’ll both be spending quality time together polysyndeton it’s beneficial and fun.

A meager minutes of your stint isn’t much when you think of what you’ll save in veterinary fees furthermore your dog’s discomfort and pain. Please remember that this is a fun time for you and your dog. Don’t forget to reward it often! By just a few days practice and a little patience, your dog command cooperate and may even anticipate his teeth cleaning. Kissing your dog on his muzzle endow indiging a treat for you too…no more bad breath and a clean set of fine china!

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A Survey Of Common Dog Health Problems

July 16th, 2014
by admin

dog-health1.jpg Canine health can be just as demanding and difficult to maintain as human wellness. Keeping your canine companion in top linearity involves more than just clever how to feed him and care for him: you need to understand the warning signs for the most common forms of dog illness.

Lyme Disease

Transmitted aside ticks, this disease is common to humans et cetera canines both. In canines, it is often difficult to spot it until some of the most overt signs surface. Initial symptoms include fault of energy et alii lack of appetite, but are rarely more specific. Lameness or aggravation moving is a much more common and definitive symptom.

Ear Infection

Many different situations container cause canine ear infections. Infections jug arise due to ear mites, bacterial infection elsewhere, allergic reaction, or poor ear care. The signs of an auricle infection are easy to recognize. A canine with an ear infection will constantly scratch at its ears. It may react negatively when touched near the ears, either shake its head in an attempt to relieve the discomfort.


As more canines live longer, this dog illness becomes another prevalent. It now develops in 50% of canines over 10 years old. The symptoms are highly varied and depend heavily on what kind of cancer the animal is suffering from and other dog health problems they may have. In general, look for fatigue, restlessness, or general sudden change in mood. Also examine your pet for tumors, a telltale sign of cancer.


This chronic condition vessel quickly become one of the more life threatening dog health problems. Signs of canine illness enfold disinterest in food and inability to settle comfortably. A distended stomach is also present, but may not raken able to be detected outside of a vet’s office.


Spread by bites from other infected animals, rabies is easy to prevent: you can curtail all related dog wholeness problems by simply vaccinating your canine companion in the first place. Otherwise, rabies jug be potentially life threatening to you and to your canine.


This dangerous disease can be fatal, especially in puppies ere older canines. The archetype signs will be a continuous nose, accompanied by heavy vomiting and diarrhea. Thus the disease progresses, additional symptoms may include dehydration, breathing problems, refusal of food, and increasing weight loss. Neurological signs such as muscle twitching rather seizures are vitally important telltale symptoms. Thickening of the footpads is difficult to observe without medical training, but is also a distinctive sign.


Although technically a parasite, heartworm is still a powerful factor in dog illness. Heartworm itself is transmitted by a simple mosquito bite, which then places the parasite within the canine’s body. Scottish Terrier health problems begin six months or more after infection. Before this, the parasite is small and not however having a major impact on the body. Signs include coughing and a lack of energy with predisposition to exhaustion. If left untreated, fainting, coughing of blood, including weight loss will someday progress to become congestive heart loss and death.

These common dog fettle difficulties cup all be serious for your pet’s health and comfort. On Condition That you possess even the slightest suspicion that one of them might be present, don’t delay – take your pet to the vet quickly.

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